Architect, Contractor, Consultant
Bernard Johnson, Architects & Engineers
Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo
Videriksen, Donald, Pedersen
Richard & Dion Neutra
Merrill Development Co.
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* MBA from Houston Baptist University: Focus on International business, Business Process Re-engineering, and Manufacturing process design.

* Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon.  San Francisco Institute of Art, & Rochester Institute of Technology

* Additional Training: Lean Manufacturing & International Building Code at University of Wisconsin

* California General Contractor “B” License, Journeyman Machinist and Journeyman Carpenter, with Texas licenses in the Plumbing and Electrical trades


* NCARB Registered Architect: Active Licenses in, Wisconsin, Texas, and Colorado.  Inactive in Missouri, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, and Alabama 

* Security Clearances with: FBI, FAA, DOD, USDA, VA, HS, and HISD

* Considerable experience and training with Local, National, and International, Accessibility and Building codes and have used the experience extensively and effectively for project & facility compliance and remediation.  Experience includes, but is not exclusive to; the Joint Commission, FEMA, USDA, FAA, DOD, VA, NFPA, ADA/TAS, UBC, IBC, and OSHA
* Computer Literate: MS Office, MS Project, Lotus Smart Suite, Internet, Excel, Lotus 123,  presentation, simulation, graphics, AutoCAD [14-2005], and statistical programs.  CPM, PERT, nonlinear and linear decision making skills and value analysis skills.

* Range of Architectural experience: Experience with the Design, Construction Document Preparation, and Project Management of numerous project types including: Airports / Transportation, Infrastructure, Health-care, Public administration, Detention, Food Processing & Service, Industrial / Manufacturing Process, Commercial / Retail, and Single / Multi-family Residential building types. 

* Breadth of experience: Programming, Business Process Re-engineering, Document preparation utilizing both AutoCAD and hand drawing, Envelope detailing and construction, Specification writing, Construction Management, Design Build Construction Management, Contracting, Property Management, Property Development, and Forensic analysis of buildings and building systems
* Technical Background includes extensive Forensic Architecture, USDA, DOD, VA, NFPA, ADA/TAS, National, Local, and International Building Code review and enforcement, Solar Energy systems and Energy Efficient design, Construction Process and Manufacturing process Engineering / Re-engineering, and design of all aspects of building systems including but not exclusive to, building envelope, interior finishes and construction, Architectural stone and metal work, MEP systems, and Structural systems. 

* Management experience: From projects over $100 million to interior lease space remodeling and build-out.  All aspects of Architectural office, design, and production management.  Most aspects of construction and construction project management.


Meyers-Briggs INTJ: [for whatever it is worth, this report fits] "enjoy [s] fast pace, quick to act, enjoy [s] challenge, move [s] forcefully, direct, analytic, value [s] accuracy, systematic, tactful and diplomatic, creative problem solver."  "The search for the unusual may lead naturally to an orientation to the future and all the new experiences which it offers.  Peter may also tend to have a broad perspective - always looking at the 'big' picture.  This combination may enable him to see the gaps and roadblocks that may be limiting results in a situation.  He may take the initiative to make changes to fill in these gaps and remove the roadblocks.  Since he also may have a drive for perfection and considerable planning ability, the changes he makes are likely to be sound."

My Goal: To help my clients/employers organize their processes most effectively and receive the maximum return and greatest value from their present and future assets


Current:  Architect Private Practice
2011:      Construction Control Inspector
2010:       Architect Private Practice
2008-09:  Architect III, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
2008:       Contractor and Consultant with FLUOR to FEMA for Hurricane Ike
2007-08:  Facility management: CTVAH, Veterans Hospital, and Waco.  [Same as 2005]
2006-07:  Architect and Contract work with Contractors
2005-06: Contractor for FLUOR to FEMA for Hurricanes Wilma, Katrina, and Rita.
2005:        Central Texas Veterans Administration Healthcare System, Architect/Project  Manager.
2004-05:  Work with Houston Contractors and HISD Teaching Special Education
2004:       Special Education Teacher, Edison Middle School, HISD ACP program Cycle 25C
2003:       Horizon Architects: Architect & Construction Manager
2003:       Marous Brothers Construction Company, Architect & Director of Design Build
2003:       State Architect for the USDA-RD Wisconsin.
2002:       Kluge & Associates, AK Contract
2001-02:  W.E.BRAZLEY & ASSOCIATES Senior Project Manager-Gary Public Safety Facility 
2001:        Independent consultation with Western Fabricating Inc. and Stone Fabricating Inc
2000-01:   SOMERVILLE, INC., Green Bay, WI, Senior Architect-Multiple Projects
1999-00:   DCDDC, Architect and Corporate Director for Design Build-Multiple Projects
1998-99:  KPS Group, Birmingham, AL, Architect, Account representative and project manager.
1997-98:  DOD, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL,, Architect-Multiple Projects
1984-97:  Paul Langley Co.; Property Development & Property Management.
1994-96:  Houston Baptist University
1976-97:  Self Employed Consultant, Architect, Contractor, and Property Manager. 
1975-76:  Bernard Johnson Inc., Architects and Engineers, Project Architect/Manager
1974-75:  Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo, Architects, Project Architect for Multiple Projects.
1972-03:  Work with various Los Angeles Architects
1970-71:  Richard and Dion Neutra Architects, Designer/Job Captain.
1965-70:  Merrill Development Company, Designer/Project Manager
1965-70:  University of Oregon
1961-65:  USN Submarine Service: Honorably Discharged, P.O. 2nd Class


Current: Independent Local Practice

6/11-10/11: Construction Control Inspector
*  Responsibilities included oversight and coordination of on-going construction projects and design and documentation of several projects, including a major re-design/remodeling of the existing in house pharmacy, code compliance on the “smoking shelters”, and the renovation of the existing front lobby men’s restroom into full ADA and code compliance. 
*  Created protocols and standards for construction document creation [no previous recognized standards] for future work in the project management division, including digital drawing standards, building code standards and compliance, technical document standards, and file storage standards [copies are available].

10/09-6/11: Independent Local Practice

12/08-9/09 Architect III
Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Facilities Division
* Duties: Architect of Record, and/or Project Manager for multiple renovation and remediation projects at multiple facilities State wide.  Projects included upgrading a maximum security women's unit to an acute psychiatric unit, conversion of a men's prison to full ADA and ACA compliance, re-design of the TDCJ manufactured combination WC to full ADA/TAS compliance, and numerous structural, envelope, and security projects throughout the system.

9/08-12/08: Public Assistance Operations Officer
Consultant with FLUOR/TRS to FEMA/Homeland Security 
* Duties: Public Assistance Officer.  Assessment and evaluation of claims for damage from hurricane Ike, City of Houston. Forensic analysis of causes of damage and responsibility of FEMA for reimbursement.

*6/08-9/08 Independent Practice and Work with local Contractors

11/07-6/08: Architect GS-12
Central Texas Veterans Health Care System 
* Duties: Architect/Construction Manager at the Waco Hospital.  This is an Psychiatric Hospital built in the early 1930’s, originally scheduled to close.  The buildings are in a state of extreme deterioration and the subject of numerous attempts and large amounts of money.  Managed multiple projects including: retrofitting the Acute Psychiatric facility with detention/risk reduction fittings, fixtures, and hardware; designing and managing construction of a new in-patient and staff library; designing and managing construction of site work for mobile MRI sites at 3 campuses; and multiple forensic roofing and envelope failures. 

8/06-11/07: Architect, Private Practice
* Duties: Architect/Construction.  . 

11/05-8/06: Public Assistance Operations Officer
Consultant with FLUOR/TRS to FEMA/Homeland Security  Florida and Louisiana
* Duties: Public Assistance Officer.  Assessment and evaluation of claims for damage from hurricanes Wilma and Katrina.  Work with school districts, cities, hospitals and research facilities.  Forensic analysis of causes of damage and responsibility of FEMA for reimbursement. 

4/05-11/05: Architect GS-12
Central Texas Veterans Health Care System 
* Duties: Architect/Construction Manager:  Project management of several major capitol projects.  Multiple independent projects including a new in-patient dialysis center, a GU clinic, a 23-hour urgent care facility, renovation of the in-patient surgery suite, a new CT scanner installation, and numerous forensic projects, including remediation of a new curtain wall installation on a new research building.  Other work included involvement in several projects in Waco and some master planning work for the Temple campus. 

4/04-4/05: Architect, Construction Work 

2004: Special Education Teacher, Edison Middle School, HISD ACP program Cycle 25C. 
I successfully completed ACP training with HISD and passed the Passed the TExES EC4 content examination on 26 June 2004, Texas Educator Certification 08/09/2004 [probationary]. Then I was employed full time as an “Inclusion” Special Education Teacher at Edison Middle School, Principal; Adriana Tamez.  The position required especially sensitive support of the primary teacher’s mission and methods and the ability to engage and support children with widely varying levels of focus, enthusiasm, and capability. 

11/03-4/04: Architect
Holland Development/Horizon Architects
* Duties: Architect/Construction Manager

8/03-11/03: Director of Design and Design Build Services
Marous Brothers Construction, Willoughby, OH
* Architect for multiple design build projects.  Representative for Marous Brothers before rule hearings at the State Board of Architectural examiners.  Supervised in-house design services.

1/03-7/03: State Architect for the USDA Rural Development in Wisconsin GS-12
* Provided advice on the architectural aspects of projects financed by the Rural Development loan and grant programs. Reviewed construction documents, contract documentation, specifications, and drawings, for proposed multifamily housing, single-family housing, community and business programs, and other projects ensuring agency, state, and Federal regulatory compliance.  Inspected projects under construction that were financed by Rural Development.

8/02-1/03: Architect
Kluge & Associates, Kenai, AK 
* Duties: Unsupervised Architecture, programming, and Project Management of multiple projects including several rural health care clinics for the State of Alaska, and a new Fire Station for Sitka, AK.  Included in the USKH team for the Anchorage International Airport as the Project Architect.

9/01-6/02: Architect/Project Manager
W.E.Brazley & Associates, Matteson, IL 
* Unsupervised Architecture and Construction: Involvement included Programming, Schematic Design, and completion of Construction Documents for a new Public Safety Facility for Gary IN.  Resolved numerous organizational conflicts between the city, it's departments, and independently contracted consultants to produce design and construction documents.  Reprogrammed facility to satisfy program requirements of the city.

9/01-8-02: Architect/Consultant
Western Fabricating, Old World Stone, Robert Hippert.
* Engineering, Detailing and Shop Drawing preparation for Architectural metal work and Stone Fabrication. 

2/01-9/01: Architect
DMAC Architecture P.C., Chicago, IL 
* Unsupervised Project Management. Work on commercial build out and residential construction including design, detailing, shop drawing review, building code issues resolution, construction supervision.

* Architecture, programming, project management.  Client development and management-several clients.  Building envelope Investigation, value analysis, remediation, and the preparation of contract documents for several diverse solutions of specific construction deficiencies, including roofing, siding, and curtain wall: Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant, for WPS.  Re-programming and Schematic Design of the Center for Aging in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin.  Resolved neighborhood expansion, rezoning, and property acquisition concerns.  Subsequent successful implementation of the program with broad public and government support.  Specification and technical system analysis and design for major building components including but not limited to roofing, precast concrete, door frames and hardware, and civil/site engineering and design.  Other work included ADA compliance design and code review including preparation of variance submissions and negotiations with state building officials for two food plants.  Development of value analysis submissions for several alternative building proposals for Schreiber Foods for an office and employee support building.  Additional work included studies for a cheese processing plant and a roofing remediation study for another cheese plant, process design for two manufacturing facilities ERDA & R.B.ROYAL.

DCDDC, Palatine, IL
* Architect and project manager.  Supervised all aspects of the design, documentation, and construction of Telecom/CO facilities including the 93000 SF headquarters for Focal Communications.   Competed the complete design, site planning, and construction documents for the Focal Communications Headquarters in three weeks.  The various facilities were located in NY, NJ, PA, TX, MI, CA, OH, IL.  Much of the work involved design of security and emergency support systems.

KPS GROUP & BIAH, Birmingham, AL
* Account Representative for the Birmingham International Airport.  Supervised numerous construction projects, including the last several months of construction of a $35 million dollar parking deck addition.  Completed an inventory of and value analysis of various roofing systems for many individual situations at the airport.  Responsible for parts of an comprehensive master planning study for the long term expansion of the airport terminals.  Completed several smaller studies for other airport components including freight terminal expansion plans.  Completed several design projects related to parking, terminal entry access, and tenant build-out, signage, and revenue control systems.  Major influence on the planning of future facilities, major influence on the resolution of conflicts, expediting completion of projects. 

10/97-6/98: ARCHITECT GS-12
MAXWELL AFB, Montgomery, AL
* Staff Architect and Business Process Re-engineering.  Participated in reorganization/privatization of the civilian work force, wrote the AF standard specifications for hardware.  Designed and produced construction documents for several projects including the Community College for the Air Force, and a training facility for the base fire department.  Other work included the designs for the reconfiguration of temporary officer’s and enlisted men’s housing to comply with accessibility standards [ADA].

1984-1997:   Property and Project Manager
Paul Langley Co., San Francisco, CA. 
* Project manager, property manager, developer representative.  Developed, constructed, and managed Houston’s first Residential/Commercial Lofts in downtown Houston, Texas.  Developed new business enterprise consisting of a musician’s rehearsal facility.  The two building project, includes one of the oldest buildings in Houston.  Management included all aspects of the design, construction, and maintenance; including the supervision of and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinklers and fire protection equipment and systems, elevators, and security systems.  Supervision and implementation of all improvements to the properties including but not exclusive to; leases, remodeling and new construction, materials and contract management and compliance with local, state, and national building codes

1975-1997:  Independent Consultant, Architect, Contractor, and Property Manager
* Architect, contractor, developer.  Private practice included but not exclusive to design-build projects, construction management, and business/facility analysis.  Provided as a professional or consultant: Architectural Services, programming, and business re-engineering services as well as fast-track and design-build construction management for most types of commercial and residential construction. I have developed and applied new and innovative construction techniques including fast-track construction, passive and active solar energy installations, modular cast in place concrete residential construction, and space frame structures.  Specialized mission was to provide or help my clients achieve maximum value from their present and future physical assets.


1. CMS, Houston Rehabilitation Institute, Houston, Texas.   Provided facility analysis, programming, conceptual design, and preliminary facility plans for a proposed outpatient facility and for remodeling of the existing in-patient facility.  Developed a fast track/design build construction proposal with two different contractors to save over 750k in net costs on a project with a construction cost of less than $200k. .

2. Designed and Constructed Active solar powered ranch including residence and outbuildings, Cat Spring, Texas.

3. Designed and Constructed Passive/Active solar powered residence near Richmond, Texas.

4. Developed prototype design for full service Atlantic Richfield Service Stations, Atlantic Richfield Corporation. A franchised fast food restaurant, and Meat Market chain.

5. New manufacturing and office facilities for PRAXIS, a Houston based chemical Industry control and metering systems manufacturing company.  Provided facility analysis, business process re-engineering, programming, schematic design, and property acquisition consultation.   Developed a fast track/design build proposal for implementation that allowed sequential/incremental occupancy. 

6. Designed and Constructed 4 art galleries in Houston, Texas: Willhelm Gallery, Plaza Gallery, Muth Gallery, and the Bienville Gallery.  All contracts were design-build.

7. Completed numerous light commercial and residential design build projects and acted as Consultant for Business Facility Analysis and for Roofing and Foundations on many commercial and multifamily projects in the Houston area.

8. Redesigned and constructed, with the assistance of resident artists, the multistory gallery living quarters and working environment for a severely disabled gallery owner.  Bienville Gallery, Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA.

9. Extensive involvement in opposition to a zoning referendum in Houston, TX.  Extensive involvement with community organizations involved concerned with the establishment of a Historical Warehouse District in Houston, TX.

1974-75:  Architect and Project Manager
Bernard Johnson Inc., Architects and Engineers, Houston, Texas
* Architect and project manager.  U.S. Department of HEW Buildings, Washington, D.C.  $65 million [1974 $] remodeling: Project involved the renovation and remodeling of 3 WPA era buildings to accommodate the increasing presence of the Dept. of HEW for the following 3 decades.  Project responsibility included identifying compliance issues regarding [at that time] newly implemented energy and accessibility standards and codes, upgrading physical and structural systems to meet contemporary and future technological requirements, and providing comfortable, safe, and contemporary accommodations for the staff of the Department of Health Education and Welfare.  I was  Personally responsible for Realizing 23% savings in anticipated  construction costs through design and mechanical innovations while improving the net quality and value of the delivered product.   Achieved a 75% savings in our in-house production costs.

1973-74:  Job Captain/Project Architect
Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo, Architects. New Haven, Connecticut.
* Job captain, Metropolitan Museum NYC. and the United Nations Development Corp. NYC.. [United Nations Plaza]  Responsible for curtain wall design and detailing and interior detailing.  Federal Reserve Bank Headquarters: Responsible for infrastructure research and coordination of the 10 Story, 70 feet below sea level Subterranean structure in the Wall Street District, NYC. College Life Insurance Headquarters, Indianapolis, IN: Responsible for project close out and punch list.  Involvement in resolution of structural contract deficiencies. Wooster National Bank, Wooster MA: Job Captain for related parking garage

1972-73: Job Captain
Pedersen and Stice Architects: Los Angeles, CA 
* Job Captain.  Managed multiple projects including but not exclusive to: Camp for physically handicapped children, Camp Paivika, a Day care center, a Service Center for L.A. County, and a hospital for L.A. County

1972: Job Captain and Project Manager
Robert Donald Architects:  Los Angeles, CA
* Job captain, project Architect.  Individually Responsible for the completion of the Planning, Design, and Construction Documents for two ten story residential towers, on budget, in two weeks  total turn around time.  Completed documents included two fully coordinated concepts for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  Project location: Redondo Beach, California.  Other projects were middle income residential developments designed and developed under HUD guidelines.

1972: Job Captain & Project Architect/Manager
Ebbe Videriksen AIA: Los Angeles, CA
* Job Captain, Project Architect.  Simultaneously managed multiple projects in various stages of development including but not exclusive to: multifamily residential projects, Commercial/retail centers,  L.A. County Country Club, and a Health Spa in Palm Springs, CA.

1970-72:  Project Designer and Job Captain.
Richard and Dion Neutra Architects 
* Job Captain.  Designed the Huntington Beach Central Library [and Cultural Resource Center], Los Angeles, Calif.  Site Planning, programming, conceptual design, schematic design.  Developed a radically new and affective concept for library organization based on efficient and accessible book storage and retrieval.  Anticipated and accommodated the future use of computer terminals and electronic data storage, transmission and retrieval.  Jewish Community Center, Omaha Nebraska: Programming and Schematic Design.

1965-70:  Designer and Project Manager 
Merrill Development Company, Eugene, Oregon
* Designer, project manager.  Designed and constructed the lowest cost house ever authorized and built under the FHA-235 Program. Maximum utilization of REDI-FORM, a patented concrete forming system, resulted in a 20% reduction in construction costs and a unique atrium plan. Participated in the design and construction of the machinery required to fabricate REDI-FORM.

1961-65:  Machinery Repairman, PO2, E-5 
USN Submarine Service
* Attached to: 
   Pacific Missile Range Pt. Mugu Ca.
   USNTC San Diego, Ca
   USN Submarine Base Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
   USN Submarine Tender: Nereus, San Diego, Ca


* Volunteer tutoring work with “At Risk” Children on Probation in Harris County Texas.

* Volunteer work with CASA in Bell County

* Collaborative project examining the reduction of delivered cost in the health care delivery system.

* Published articles on Business Management, Zoning, Design Build, and Historical Districts. 

* Current project: study of the nature of, and importance of, creativity in individuals.