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A Recent Contractor:
** "Pete Dickson and I worked together on a project for the Birmingham International Airport, which was one of the largest, high profile projects in the country last year.  Pete had the disadvantage of beginning work for the KPS group midway through the project, yet had the patience and diligence to contribute shortly after joining the project team.  Due to the complexity of the project, KPS was relied on heavily throughout the project to coordinate with not only the owner and construction manager, but also several other contractors not under BRICE BUILDING Company's control.  Pete was not my initial contact for these coordination issues, but soon became not only my contact of choice, but everyone on the project team's choice due to his reliability and willingness to get things done.

Pete was a team player and worked with everyone to reach amicable resolutions to problems....."

A Program Manager:
** "Peter Dickson has been a great asset through the life of this program.  He has a high level of design and construction knowledge paired with an excellent ability to reason and make logical decisions.  He has a reputation for hard work and consistently performs what is asked.  In addition to his cooperative attitudes toward teamwork, Peter has great foresight that allows him to identify and resolve problem situations before they occur.

On a personal note, Peter has a great sense of humor and a personality that meshes with most anyone.  He operates with a high level of honesty and integrity"....

Another Contractor:

** "Pete is very knowledgeable all aspects of construction and all the trades that we work with.  He is very creative and practical in reaching decisions during construction.  He is fair, cost conscious, and economical.  He works will with all our sub-contractors."...

A Property Developer:
** "In addition to his Architectural and design skills, Mr. Dickson is an excellent manager and businessman.  Under Mr. Dickson's management, the project is 100% occupied.  Mr. Dickson continues to remain in full charge of the properties and is responsible for maintenance, leasing, collecting rents, promotion, planning, dealing with City agencies and departments, and has appeared at public hearings on my behalf.

Additionally, Mr. Dickson has anticipated future business trends and developments for us.  He had developed alternate plans including conversion of one ot the buildings to condominiums"...

A Neighborhood Business:

** "His most professional presence is a very valuable asset to your development and our neighborhood.  Pete's attention to detail, sincerity of purpose and real concern about this area shall surely be of benefit to all parties involved.  At BUTE we are proud to have you and Pete as neighbors"...

a more personal note:

** "In my opinion, Peter is an outstanding individual.  He is a man who knows who he is and what he believes in.  He has great courage and persistence and is a man of the highest character and integrity.  Peter is a man of his word.  I can recommend Peter for whatever he makes up his mind to do; it will be done quickly and done correctly"...

my comments:

Meyers-Briggs INTJ: [for whatever it is worth, this report fits] "enjoy [s] fast pace, quick to act, enjoy [s] challenge, move [s] forcefully, direct, analytic, value [s] accuracy, systematic, tactful and diplomatic, creative problem solver."  "The search for the unusual may lead naturally to an orientation to the future and all the new experiences which it offers.  Peter may also tend to have a broad perspective - always looking at the 'big' picture.  This combination may enable him to see the gaps and roadblocks that may be limiting results in a situation.  He may take the initiative to make changes to fill in these gaps and remove the roadblocks.  Since he also may have a drive for perfection and considerable planning ability, the changes he makes are likely to be sound."

The long and short of it is that I am a highly creative, highly motivated, multi-skilled, exceptional individual that is only interested in exceptional and challenging working environments with exceptional but not necessarily challenging organizations. 





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